Why was 6 afraid of 7?

Because: 7 8 9

What do you call the guards outside of Samsung

The guardians of the galaxy!

Voldemort: Knock Knock.

Harry Potter: Who's There?

Voldemort: You Know.

HarryPotter:You Know Who?

Voldemort: Exactly!

why did tiger look down the loo?

he was trying to find (winnie the) pooh

The HEY poem Nov 2015

in the Hall Together
Blue Happiness
Tractor Bob Squad
we are Retro Boris Johnson
a Star Avocado
the Cakes Are Fabulous Citizens
Subterranean and vulgar
an Iridescent, Exquisite Rapscallion Candy Friendship
our Animal Chocolate Red
The Pack from Ryme Intrinsica
with Busy Friends
an Excitement of Gaflooglefargon
our Kitten Pigsy Flannel of Fun
No, Beautiful

A note from the creator
all the words in capitals were given to me by every one at HEY
all the ones in lower case are mine
The words are in the order they were given to me